SINO Pacific

Quality Policy Statement

Sino-Pacific Construction Consultancy Co., Ltd. knows that the future survival and success of the organization depends on providing our products and services in a manner which is professional and competitive. In accordance with all relevant laws and which conforms to our corporate standards to ensure our client’s total satisfaction.

The management and staff of SPCC are dedicated to producing and delivering our products and services to current and future clients, to the established requirements of our quality control system. Processes and standards which are controlled by our quality management system and which are constantly measured, recorded, analysed and improved to ensure our competitiveness in the market place.

SPCC understands that improvement
is a continual process which demands the participation of every employee of the company. We constantly strive to advance our processes and work procedures in the corporate manual, which is the cornerstone of the company. With all employees actively participating in the development and implementation of SPCC’s Company Management System (CMS), we will continue to improve our work and services to our clients.